We passionately develop, build, and manage commercial assets.

The Tyson & Blanchard Group is a privately held real estate firm founded in Austin, TX. Tyson & Blanchard facilitates, consults, invests in, develops, and manages commercial projects utilizing a long-term, risk adverse approach in geographic areas compelled to experience future growth.

Meet Our Companies

Serving as the development arm of the Tyson & Blanchard Group, Lone Star Development Group is a full service real estate developer focused on diversified, and long term properties and assets in the greater Austin, Tx area.

As the GC for Tyson & Blanchard, Lone Star Construction Group provides commercial construction, estimation, management, and control services for Central Texas.

Lone Star Asset Management serves as the commercial asset management arm for Tyson & Blanchard. Services include: property management and optimization, marketing, and enterprise and energy management services.

Why Use T&B?

Lone Star is the one team to manage all aspects of your project providing a single point of contact and eliminating the need for multiple management firms to handle all sides of the project.

Seamless Process

We provide seamless transitions between development & pre-construction to ground up building and special construction to asset management and property optimization.

Proven Portfolio

Proven team with a portfolio of completed projects in Austin and across Texas.

We're Your Guys

No new players, a team that lives and breathes the project (No bringing others up to speed mid-way through project)

Our rates are typically half the costs of traditional firms.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create, build, and facilitate commercial developments that create long-term value for tenants, owners, and their communities. Tyson & Blanchard believes in treating our partners as family and know that our employees are our greatest assets. Our investments, construction projects, and developments will shape a bright future for Austin, Texas, and the U.S.

Our vision is to create world-renowned spaces for communities to work, live, and play in.

Management Team

Steven Tyson

CEO & Cofounder
With a diversified entrepreneurial skill set across market landscapes, a motivating leadership style and energetic drive for development, Mr. Tyson sets the strategic direction & actively manages all Tyson & Blanchard entities.

Sean Blanchard

COO & Cofounder
Mr. Blanchard brings a military like discipline and structured management approach to commercial development and building. With over 14 years of construction management and $2 billion in total development, Sean smoothly guides the company’s construction affairs.


Tyson & Blanchard facilitates funding raises and deploys capital in a wide variety of investment vehicles through it’s affiliates and strategic partners: